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Thursday, May 27, 2010

i wish........

Suddenly berangan and in my dream i went to Europe..those countries especially UK, Italy, Switzerland, etc are the heaven of tourists.(ye ke? for me la)..last 2 days i watched Chef Wan in Italy. i wish i could go too..huhu London? my dream when i was still a kid..

the map of European countries..

London Bridge is falling down???i don't think so.

Geneva, Switzerland...

Collosseum, Rome, Italy..

in Spain..

the well known tower.....France

the windmill!!guess where is this?Holland of course..

OK, i think it should be enough. my colleagues had started to ask me whether i wanted to go there. hisshhh, aku nak ke langkawi pun susah..huhu but it is not possible right??
anyway hati rasa sungguh gumbira. tomorrow im going to go shopping!!:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chamang Waterfall...

last weekend after having a blast at Jerantut, on sunday i had another blast at Karak. hubby brought back his two friends from Johor. we went to Chamang Waterfall which situated about 30km from Karak.

ice-cold water+breath-taking come here if you need a peace of mind..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

meaningful weekend...

yes, i like the word " meaningful"...

me, Beep, Hani went to Lata Meraung (ngeri kan nama dia!) together with Na+Na's Hubby+Baby Aqil+Na's sister. having a blast there!! dont wanna type a lot, just look at the photos..

on the way to the place,,still have time to camwhore...yeehaaa

dah sampai....camwhore lagi!

the appetizer for today,,oh sedap gile...

mandi time!!!!!!!!!!(gambar sebelum basah kuyup bermain air mcm kanak2)

suka tgk naa kat sini hihihi

After having the picnic, camwhoring time at the nearest place:

me and Bieb enjoying the breath-taking scenery..

was choosing the best angle...Bieb minah sebukk!!

our next contestant of America's Next Top Model 2010...

i snap this gorgeous pic.didn't i have a talent?


yes we made it!!didn't the background lovely?


setelah penat melompat....

tempat kejadian...

ok thats all for now..need to go to class..baru tersedar kelas dah nak mula..:)
kepada kawan2 yang lain, jgn jeles k! hihihi...

Friday, May 21, 2010

sweet little things,,,

my heart is in spring mode these 2, 3 days. apart from the exam week (means less workload to me), my students don't really make discipline problems and my hubby had coming home to mama! :)

last night i cooked fried beef for my beloved hubby. at 10pm he knocked the door. served him dinner and i showed him my gifts that i got from my lovely students. (malam semalam tak sempat coz dia penat sangat, balik lambat). got the idea of "menunjuk-nunjuk" from Lisa, she brought all her gifts home to show it to her hubby. haha funny la makcik nie...

the gifts

dinner last night, sempat ambil yang nie je before dihabiskan :)

this one my hubby yang masak. one of the reasons i love him is because he will cook for us whenever i'm not well/lazy :) gambar setelah tinggal tulang je yang lain masuk perut!

how much i love exam week??too much!! :)

(nelson, don't look at the camera la!!)

and i spotted this liquid paper, brand name= Handsome...hahaha i laughed a lot everytime i look at this one.

did i say how much i love them all??

2H students who will moving out to new school this June..i think i'll miss them a lot!

i think my student will not read this. this is Faisal, my favourite student from 5PA..who is never fails to make me smile just by looking at his face.

and this is Prashant Nair, who gave me a gift on teacher's day (and everybody was like, what???who give??THAT prashant??) hehe anyway i like him too..although he might "disguise" from my class several times..isk

(asked his permission to put his photo in this, he allowed it!)

sexy ladies and me...

apart from family members, i am so grateful to be blessed with my sweet BFFs as my companions during ups and downs.having them in my life, every problems seem to disguise themselves for a while..

ok, last week i spent a very beautiful weekend with my gorgeous ladies. they hang out at my place, dinner at Golf (near Golf ok! ;p) eating honey chicken wings and then.. outing at 11pm to bundle shop??!!hehe and then having a nice bread-pudding cooked by Lindsay and sauce by Kim. me?? im the guest ok...:)
just take a look at these photos..
(berjaya mendedahkan muka Kimi@Limah K yang sebenar!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

gila gambar :)

merujuk kepada entry Juo Sayam yang bertajuk "Kegilaan Dulu" aku tersenyum sendiri. kenapa? sebab terkena atas batang hidung. memang kami dulu gila Photoshop, kalau ambik gambar, balik, perkara pertama buat lepas dah masuk komputer ialah edit gambar secantik-cantiknya..

selain anis, aku pun suka imej yang berkabus2 gitu. romantik..muka pun gebu semacam je. lepas tue apa lagi, friendster la...rela tunggu bas ke D07 untuk main internet free berejam2..kalau aku, malam2 pun rela merempit ke sana..kadang2 dengan Bib, kadang2 Mex..:)

tapi yang sedihnya, hard disk komputer aku rosak beberapa bulan lepas kami semua habis belajar. gambar2 semua habis. termasuk yang dah edit :) tinggal gambar yang sempat di-burn ke dalam cd sahaja.

oh sebut cd teringat CD bib yang ada projek "3C" kami. aku sebagai cameragirl yang ayu berbaju kurung bertudung merah mak ngah mengusung kamera fakulti ke depan masjid dan ke blok untuk shooting projek kami. tak dilupakan Ucu selaku model mekap...hahaha nanti aku dah ambik dengan bib aku upload video kat sini...biar Ucu gelak sampai terkeluar usus dia....(jaga dia!!) ;p

a meaningful teacher's day..

my school celebrated it yesterday. a usual teacher's day celebration, except for the poor students' performance. huhu im not their coach ok..:)

this year i got quite a number of gifts from my students, but what made my eyes teary was that the naughtiest boy in the class (Suteshkumar, 2H) looking for me one whole day (their friends said) just to give me a gift. a small gift but means a lot to me. how naughty he is, everyday we could see him in front of discipline room, sit on the corner waiting to be punished. he ponteng every class except for english, which he admitted yesterday that he only ponteng my class 2 times. the others, almost everytime :)

i wrote this entry not to boast about the gifts that i got but the changes that we could bring to the students especially to the naughty ones. the boy was once very lazy, but he always bring my english books. one day, when i asked the students to do the Index in their Literature notebooks, he was puzzled. i could see it from his face, he didnt understand my instructions (although i intstructed it in both english and malay. its normal as the students here mostly chinese and indians, they went to the Tamil and Chinese school so they hardly understand malay). so what i did is, i asked him to come to my table and i helped him to do that task. after that his behavior changed, he will listen to what i say.

sometimes students just need our patience and understanding, don't just get mad at them without doing anything..

went back home with a smile on my face, with a paperbag full of gifts (to show it to my Hubby, he always say that my students don't bother i want to show him that he is wrong :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


"my beloved hubby's grandmother had passed away last night, 11.30 pm..anyone who read this please recite al-fatihah to her. may her spirit rest in peace. "

she is a very lovely person. she'd rather stay at "Pondok" to learn about religion than to be a burden to her only daughter.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

indahnya sebuah kemesraan yang abadi...

walaupun mengetahui tentang hak dan batasan sebagai seorang isteri tetapi terkadang semua itu ditolak ke tepi apabila sedang marah..pelbagai perkataan kasar meluncur keluar tanpa dapat ditapis sementelah terlalu mengikut perasaan amarah. walau suami senang memaafkan namun terdetik juga perasaan bersalah dan malu dengan diri sendiri.

suka aku baca tentang hadis suami isteri nie,membuatkan aku rasa insaf akan ketaatan isteri2 baginda Rasulullah dan keromantikan baginda sendiri.

ps: mama sayang baba selamanya..