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Friday, February 21, 2014

Wax Museum...

Went to Adik's Convocation last November at Shah Alam
We got a chance to go to I-city
I went there a couple of times
But never went to the Wax Museum
So this time we were soooooo excited!
Let the pictures do the talking shall we...
(Using my sister's camera she took like 1000 years just to upload it...huhu)

Monday, February 10, 2014


Most of my family members were born on November, December, January and February.
 So last Chinese New Year holiday, we celebrated it together with relatives.
Happy Birthday to my mum (4th Jan), Chit (22nd Jan) and Kak Na (27th Jan).
May all of you girls are blessed by Allah swt.

Oh I almost forget.
Today, 9th Feb is my 3rd sister's birthday...

Happy Birthday Kak La,,,
May All Your Dreams Come True!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

my new home and life..

Its been a while. 
Miss this blog so much. 
I live in different place now; a hostel.
I mean my school's hostel and I'm now a  new warden. 
My new home now is at the warden's.

As some of you know, my former house had been broken in
My TV and some of my other stuffs were stolen
They stole my life-the TV!!
I thought I was gonna die at that time when I saw my TV was gone
So heartless!!

Just in time when the incident happened, the former warden got transferred to a different school
Near her husband's place
So she asked if I was interested to replace her
"Of course!" I said

So here I am
This house is so cool
Much better than my former wooden house
It has 2 rooms and 1 bathroom, living room and a kitchen
And the most important thing; the toilet is so comfortable!
Alhamdulillah Allah has substituted me with much more things after the lost
Plus I don't really need to cook anymore
Just go to the hostel's canteen during lunch and dinner

Before this I have no children
Now I have too many  haha
100++ girls and half of them are Orang Asli
Now my life is not lonely anymore
They make noises most of the time
I no need my alarm anymore...