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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


my beloved father passed away on 22/11/08 Saturday, 5pm..his sudden demise made my family shocked..pls recite al-fatihah..tq

Monday, November 17, 2008

kursus lagi..

buat kali ntah ke brapa, me terpaksa menghadiri 1 lagi kursus..kursus induksi,,yang menentukan cepat ke lambat kita sah, demi kepentingan itu me dengan hati separuh ikhlas datang ke ceruk temerloh ini..dengan satu harapan, agar dapat confirm cepat2...
1,2,3rd day...sangatlah membosankan..penat,,aktiviti sampai ke malam..
tapi jangan jeles ye kawan2, Bieb n Ucu pun ada..n ramai gak jumpa kawan2 yang penah kursus sekali.n tak lupa kawan2 1, havoc la jadinya dengan kami yang tak pernah mengenal erti Diam ini..haha
anyway, there's 10 more days left..hoping for the best to come..InsyaAllah..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


in 3 days i should be in my hometown, with my family, nieces and my naughty nephew...yes, thats what i imagine..before the fax come.."induksi di hotel seri malaysia, temerloh"..herm...
i'll be a dead meat..

Monday, November 3, 2008

crash boom bang!!

i am not a professional driver..
i took my license test for 3 times, and after giving some bucks to the JPJ, then i got my P license..but that was 5 years ago..
now, i am a..ehem, good driver..except for...parking!i hate when it comes to parking..
yesterday, i crashed someone's car when i was searching for a parking space at One i was too scared and panic, i ran away..((don't do this please!))God might punish me for doing this..
thank God my car only had some scratches..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

shop till u drop!!

Last deepavali holiday, I went back to my hometown Bachok..Gunong for precise.. (Where else should I go?) My activity for this time is…Shopping!!!(til the last drop of my penny)..huhu
First, my mother, 2 sisters and I went to shop at Pengkalan sis wanted to buy ‘pinggan-mangkuk’ that never enough for her.wait until her kitchen wardrobe has no space then she will stop,,(words from someone who has less money than her). Me? I just bought two boxers (to wear during exercising at home), a handbag and some cutleries for my home..
Then at night we went to Pasar Malam Wakaf Che Yeh that is opened until midnight. I just lurrvveeee to shop at night..why>?because there is less heat compared to shop at noon..
Bought several blouses as I didn’t buy blouse for quite some time..of course it was cheaper..
And the next night we went there again..and I shop till I drop…