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Saturday, May 10, 2014

hectic life..

It is already the fifth month of 2014. Time flies so fast I guess. I thought I had just moved in yesterday but it is already 3 months++ since I become a warden. A warden to 200++ students including Orang Asli. Girls are 100++. It is quite a number because I used to be a warden to 50 girls only before this.

A warden. It should be an easy task. But somehow people make it harder than what I think it should be. *sigh*

Well, the good part is I'm not alone anymore. There are always students' voices and laughter and 'chaos', sometimes it brought me headaches too. Huhu. But I like it better than just me on my own watching TV and playing games on my laptop, when I was at Paloh. Alone. Not alone actually, I had Boboi my cat :) Really miss her so much but I couldn't bring her here though. She has her own kids there to be taken care of.

The challenges of becoming a warden? Too much. But now I learn how to handle the girls although there are still some of them who are stubborn and tend to disobey the hostel rules.
Handling sick students is the main priority although not all of them are actually "sick". Last two nights there was one girl who had a pain in her chest due to severe gastric. At 4 am, I drove her to the emergency. When I arrived at the hostel it was near Subuh prayer so I didn't sleep. After Subuh prayer I slept until 8 am.Thank God my class started late that day and I had called the school office.

My schedule is too hectic nowadays. I rarely have time to finish my novel ... -____-