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Thursday, October 30, 2008

photo story,,,

((all the photos were taken during last week)) teacher rose memang seorang yang suka bergambar lately...:)


nowadays my life evolved around men in uniforms..
i know a policeman before i know the i know the policeman?haha its a very drama-based story..i went to the police station to lodge a report about something,,2,3 days after that a phone call from the police station arrived when i was breaking my fast.
then, he asked about my case.he wanted to know about the incident..he sounded not too formal.then he introduced himself as my 'orang kampung'..well, he said he read my report..
he gave his hp number (in case if the 'thing' happen again).
we met at a very spooky restaurant near BH petrol.i brought my 'kids' together with me as they slept at my house that night..what a messy restaurant..
befriend with a policeman, he is not as 'skema' as i think he is..oh, i just know that he is popular here..they said he is a gangster..hemm...thats why..he is hot-tempered,,but controlled (when he is with me) haha
anyway, i have 2 speed traps and i was about to ask him to settle it..;p

Thursday, October 23, 2008

abg army???herm...

for the past 24 years of my life, i didn't really fancy the soldiers..why??because i have bad perceptions towards them..with their dark skin and short hair, they didnt really suit my taste.playboy, "perasan", gatal, social and many other bad attitudes.

but that was before..before i know someone who i never thought he is an army; a job that i thought only for losers.((sorry, i didnt mean to look down on them)) but this is my honest opinion.

he makes me realize the importance of having soldiers in this country..

~however, i still hate his high voice.everything he speaks is like an order.huhu what to do, he used to it~

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i'm back..

finally i managed to come back here..and of course, i'm back as a whole new me..
-i manage to forget the past
-i manage to have a new vision
-i manage to get my feet on the ground

i dont want to think of the past..