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Saturday, August 30, 2008

matter of heart II..

hearty hearty inside,,why are you so fragile?please don't bother about it anymore.there are a lot of things that are more important than it..

pre-ramadhan entry..

school is cool, when the boss is not around..things are going on smoothly and i dont bother at KB or HOP or the boss anymore..
there is more important things to think about..e.g. this coming i start thinking how will i go back alone this scary it might be..
need to find an accompany really soon :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

they are here...

both of them are already here in KL.i'll see them tomorrow.there's something we need to dicscuss, they say..
tomorrow at 11am..i'll pick them up..entertain them.they said they are here because of me..they are just as kind as their late brother..
zia ullah, i really miss you...

teacher stories??noo...

my brother said he was bored when me and his wife (my sis-in-law) talk about our schools..he will say, "huh, cikgu..takde benda lain ke nak cerita?balik2 cite student, cikgu ni, cikgu tuh, pengetua, bla bla bla..."
so we made conclusion that he doesnt know and doesnt understand our unique profession..
same like us when he talks about tenders, jabatan perhutanan, money etc..huhu
anyway, i managed to get rm200 from him before going back to Karak..(pau..pau)

~broke to death~

life as a teacher..

as a teacher, school holiday is a very important event that we (me and my colleagues) wait and cherish for..but please dont think we are lazy..because our profession is always a very fun, challenging, full of actions etc, we are very grateful and enjoy it very much.despite the gangsters wannabes and twisted congested brain our students are, we always have something to talk and laugh to..
and that makes the twisted KB and the geng have unpleasant feeling towards us, especially towards me,,why?i'm not sure..maybe because i am carefree, i talk and laugh whenever and wherever i feel i like to..maybe they think i dont deserve that because i'm new.but..who cares?i'm using my own mouth right??hermm...
i like this profession..i have a lot of free time,, and i waste it with sleeping and watching every single CD (especially Korean dramas) over and over again..
i need to change my lifestyle..(konon)..i'll watch Hindi movies instead of Korean...hermm

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

school matters..

the HOP asked me whether i had finished the literature syllabus form 4EA last year (now 5EA) kinda weird question.of coz i finished it..then the HOP said the class result is so bad when they were tested with form 4 literature topics.
what the hell...why dont u blame the current teacher???oh, u think u can just shift the blame to someone else???what the f***!
yes, i had checked my record book last year, and i did it! i even asked the 5EA students and they said i had finished the syllabus..
and the thing that makes me mad is...a friend of mine said the HOP and the current 5EA english teacher said something about me after i left..

i am not satisfied..i need to see and slow talk with the HOP before she continuously think negative about me...( i know the crazy KB told her something not good about me and she seems to believe it)

(i need a assassin to kill the KB..anyone??)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

matter of heart..

what can you do if there is something that you cannot let go and it keep bothering you until your heart feel a little scratch here and there??
oh what a heartache..sendiri yang cari masalah..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

starveee....(padan muka)

after counting days to Ramadhan, it happened that i still have several days left to be replaced..(ganti posa) today after several days of delaying, i manage to fast although my alarm didnt wake me up for 'sahur' this morning..ishh..
and 11 something, not even half of the day, i've already feel like stomach feels so empty and it 'krrrrrr' body feels weak. my head seems to blow up.wahh its been a very long time since i fasted..
have to wait for 7 more hours to break the fast..God, help me..
maybe i'll just go back and sleep til marghrib..

moral of the story: (fill in the blanks) huhu
~padan muka aku~

Sunday, August 3, 2008


it's weekend and me have no idea whether i need to go out and have fun or just stay at my house doing some last i choose the latter..friday seemed to be cool.but at night some "boringness" feeling came..tried to overcome it..
saturday morning..woke up at 10.45am..huh, a record..too bad for a eldest sis called and asked me to come.there's something she wanted me to do.aghhh, mission failed again..

now i'm at my sis house in Ampang,,doing some YM with Arwah's sister.i was asked by his sister how much i miss him..such a hard question to answer.of coz there is no A to D options to be chosen..

anyway, his two brothers are coming this school holidays.i thought it is cancelled.they had already confirmed the passport..they come to see me.just to see me.suddenly i feel so....i cant think for the right word to decribe my feeling right now..
anyone, please help me..