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Friday, July 31, 2009


hari nie bila buka yahoo mail ku dapat msg dari seorang ex..kami saling bertanya khabar..

M.U: t apo khabar?
aku: ok je, mcm biasa.awak?
M.U: sihat alhamdulillah..tak balik kg ko?
aku: ingat nak balik minggu nie tapi mak takdop, gi Cameron ngan chik.
M.U: oh yo ko..
aku: iye..
M.U: saya tak bayar2 lagi hute t ngan saya, ada lagi 150.sori t deh,lama sangat doh hute tue..(Tau Takpe..)
aku: (cuba berlagak cool) oh ye ke?lupa dah sebenarnya..
M.U: mana bleh gitu t, saya ingat hute2 saya ngan ore,siap wat catatan lagi..(agaknya ramai sangat orang yang dia b'hutang)cuma ye la kan..hehe nanti saya bayar deh t..i'Allah.

ex aku nie memang jujur orangnya,,tapi dah setahun lebih lum langsai2 lagi..huhu
moral di sini ialah, Jangan ambil ringan hutang orang. 1 lagi, memang bagus lau ingat hutang orang.hehe
aku bukanla nak sangat duit tue, tapi kalau dah setahun setengah nak bayar 500 lum habis2 lagi, maka memang patutla dibayar..dia bernasib baik coz aku tak letak bunga..kwang3

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


after all hard works, sleepless nights, and efforts that we've put in, now our baby is launched:

banner asal yang dicipta oleh tn beep,,thanks a lot dear..


Friday, July 17, 2009

TM=Tak Mungkin...

i get an idea to write this in my blog after reading afzan's entry on PDRM..same as her, i am dissapointed with TM or Telekom Malaysia.with their slogan "Merentas Kemungkinan", i think it should be changed into "Tak Mungkin"!
3 weeks ago, i applied a fixed line . the registration should be made at Mentakab, about 60km away. after filling the form they promised to check the place and the port and then call us back. 2 weeks went by with no phone call or msg from them. in the meantime, we called 100 and the officer from KL HQ called us back and promised to help.unsatisfied, we go to Mentakab and asked again. they said they had investigated but there is no "channel" here. i was so dissapointed. they asked us to wait as they will investigate again. dissapointed, i cancelled it and decided to seek help from the KL HQ.
almost one week went by when i called her and she said she will try to help.same answer..TM is TM.
yesterday i went to Mentakab again and they said the area is having a problem with the "port". i don't understand and asked what is the solution to my problem.they said they could not help. i just need a fixed line!!!!that is your job!
they even asked me to go to Jerantut TM and asked myself. i felt sooooooo angry!!
then i go to Jerantut TM and met the assist.technician there (as the people in charge with this was not there). then he explained briefly on the problems here, whish is not enough port.well, you know this new town got so many people and bussiness, why you put little port only, so Bimbo la!!and the port will come in 2 months' time (the fastest).

see..after almost a month we wait and wait like a fool.wasting our time and money.

to all TM employees, please do your job effectively. if there is a problem, explain it properly to your customers. don't promise something that you could not do.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 a bee..

being extra busy since the past 2weeks..working on a BIG project.80% done, hoping another 20% will work smoothly..

orange concept,,but still has no name,,still thinking about it,,

Monday, July 6, 2009

trip to Genting..

although it was over a month ago but the memory still remains...(although the Q was so long we could die!)