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Friday, February 26, 2010



spending one whole day at our shop, obviously there are a lot of damages happened to either the PCs or the furniture. 4 PCs need to be formatted, 7 headphones were broken (i don't know if they ate it instead of use it), 3 mouse and 4 keyboards..aiyaa, quite a lot. plus, internet connection was ting -tong for the last 3 days..oh, my hubby had just broke our main-counter-chair 10 minutes ago. with our worker that never been taught about cleanliness, the floor and tables were full of dusts and rubbish.. and,,a 3 days-old plastic bag with half-drank iced-milo beside me at this counter!
Ya Allah, berikan aku kesabaran yang secukupnya....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i hate...

i hate it when students don't behave well,
hate it when students run here and there,
hate it when they act like i am not there,
hate it when they don't bring their books,
pretending that they are really forgot,
hate it when they are noisy,
as the teacher next door will get angry,
i hate it when students don't do their work,
but chatting and playing like a jerk,
often making me sick,
feel like giving a free kick!

-teacher rose-

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mdm. Rose....

yes, they will greet me "Good morning Mdm. Rose!" instead of "Miss Rose" before. i was quite ackward at first, but now used to it. Some of them couldn't believe when i said i am married.

as for my colleagues, they still call me Cik Rose, as they used to it before. Some of my male colleagues call me Puan Cik Rose..

however, some things are great and some are very challenging when you are married..
as for me, i'll try to be a better wife..InsyaAllah...

Rasulullah s.a.w pernah ditanya tentang sebaik-baik isteri. Lalu baginda menjawab:

"Iaitu isteri yang menghadirkan rasa gembira kepadamu apabila memandangnya. Apabila disuruh, dia patuh, menjaga rahsiamu sebaiknya, dan menjaga hartamu." (Hadis riwayat Ahmad dan lainnya)

Dan sabda Baginda juga yang bermaksud:

"Apabila seorang perempuan mendirikan sembahyang lima waktu, berpuasa sebulan (Ramadhan), menjaga kehormatan dan taat terhadap suaminya, masuklah dia ke dalam syurga melalui mana-mana pintu yang dikehendaki." (Hadis riwayat Ahmad)

Should grab this opportunity, girls! get married now and be the best wife!