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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

being a celebrity..

sometimes i feel like i am a celebrity..why??because my lovely students kinda being like stalkers. it is all started when i moved out to a new rented house at a lovely and beautiful Taman which is located just 1.3km from my school. my neighbours are all great,they are friendly and all that.the problem is when the students who live at the same Taman are always checking what i am doing. at school they often say things like 'oh teacher,i saw you yesterday hanging your clothes outside your house", or "teacher,i passed your house yesterday but your car was not there.where had you been?" or even "teacher,i saw a car in front of house. its your bf right?" Huh! at first ithought they are all cute,but now it makes me irritated as well..

however, i really like my new environment. opposite of my house is the field with a playground. it is very easy to search for my house as it is located in front of the biggest bungalow at the Taman..every evening i cycle around the Taman (borrow my neighbour's bicycle). oh what a lovely neighbourhood.huhu