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Saturday, May 23, 2009

lagi2 LADAP..

hari ni buat kesekian kalinya, sekolah aku mengadakan 1 lagi Ladap. aku yang amat malas terpaksa bangun awal di pagi Sabtu..
sesungguhnya aku amat membenci Ladap pada hujung minggu..
maka sebagai tanda memprotes, aku dengan penuh perasaan mendownload lagu2 yang selama ini aku dambakan..juga meng'edit' gambar2 aku bersama insan yang aku sanjungi..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miss Rose..

Happy Teacher's Day..
hope its not too late to wish it here..

Teacher's day: a day to enjoy and cherish your students/ shows the bond between us and the students actually.
this year i get quite a number of cards, presents, cakes and flowers from my students..last year i cant believe i didnt get any present except from the Teacher's Club and PSS. i know why..i was quite firm.teaching the last classes and got so many additional jobs, i was exhausted to treat my students well.
this year, i am more relaxed with my job and will do whatever i can do..

i wish to become a teacher who inspires my students..:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Police Cadet: Episode 2

me together with Police Cadets went to Jerantut last week to attend Pahang Police Cadet Camping 2009..
it was so tiring,,i was sleepless and had less rest for 5 days..
however, several good things happened to me..
i met Bib n Naa,,i met Hani..we had so much fun together..tak sia2 aku meletihkan diri dengan jadi guru pengiring kat kanak2 yang terlebih aktif..
herm,,someone gave me his phone number when we had our lunch at the kopitiam..ehek he's kinda cute..hard to resist..hehe gatal je bunyiknya..
although our dancing 'menghilir ke sungai pahang' didnt win, overall evertyhing was fine..nothing can beat Experience right?
we came back on Thursday..
and thanks to the camping i get backache until now..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Police Cadet: Episode 1

(every Wednesday..hihi )
i like to challenge myself to do some thing that i cant do before,,thats why i join Police an Inspector, ehem.,,.i need to train my cadets everyday as we're going to Police Cadet Inter-District Camping at Jerantut next Sunday.. I am responsible to train my princesses (female cadets) for the Performance, and we need to do dancing..the theme is Pahang Culture,,
sure it is a challenge for me,,well, with hands as hard as stone, how could you train 5 Indian girls to do Pahang "sampan" dance,,
but my girls are always positive and i respect their "never give-up" they all dancing very good,,and i am very proud to have them in my squad..


p/s: hope we will win and go for the National Police Cadet camping soon..