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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

men are from Makkah.......

taken from my friend's fb......:

Suami (rijal) adalah qawama (pelindung) kepada isterinya (nisa) - An-Nisa : 34

A lil doodle I did just now throughout a talk by Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj, "Men are from Makkah, Women are from Medina". Awesome! ♥

A bit explanation:

Mekka is a hard, dry land – Much like this, men are generally dry and don’t know how to cry. If they do, they don’t want to show it and instead keep all the pain within them under the guise of masculinity.

Medina is soft, with water flowing beneath it and the rain is consistent throughout its seasons – Which reflects women who can easily cry and they’re not scared to show their emotions. In fact, under the guise of femininity they display their emotions regularly.

Mekka has a harsh climate; it’s rough and known to be a mountainous area – Men’s beauty lies in their masculinity, power strength and ruggedness. This is what makes them attractive and allows them to lead effectively.

Medina is lush, full of splendour and serenity – Women are known to be peaceful, full of serenity and their femininity makes them beautiful.

Mekka’s main emotion is `izzah, they are full of honour and will do anything to protect it. They like to be respected and acknowledged, this is what motivates them to excel as individuals.

Medina is full of sukoon, the people are known for their softness. Women are generally more loving and caring; they’re soft by nature and will generally give more than they receive.

Differences in Qur’anic verses

Mekkan (Makiyyah) verses are short, straight to the point and general.

Medinan (Madaniyyah) verses are long, detailed and at times they keep going on, and on.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Doa utk Rezeki....

‎" Ya Allah, apabila rezekiku ada di langit, maka turunkanlah, apabila di dalam bumi maka keluarkanlah, apabila di laut maka naikkanlah, apabila jauh maka dekatkanlah, sekiranya dekat maka permudahkanlah, dan sekiranya sedikit maka perbanyakkanlah dan sekiranya sedia banyak maka permudahkanlah untuk mendapatkannya , juga berilah keberkatan terhadap rezeki tersebut dan berikanlah rezeki padaku sebagaimana yang kujangka, dengan rezeki yang halal dan baik, serta banyak lagi keberkatan sehinggakan kutidak memerlukan sesiapa selain dari-Mu, dan jadikanlah kedua tanganku ini berada di atas dengan suka memberi dan menderma, dan jangan jadikan dua tanganku ini di bawah dengan suka meminta-minta, sesungguhnya Engkau amat berkuasa ke atas setiap sesuatu"

Friday, September 21, 2012

new books in the list...

Assalamualaikum...(baik sikit since today's Friday) :) ..yes, since i live in such a very 'peaceful' place, i let the minutes pass by reading books. actually it is not real books, i just downloaded it. well u know internet is the faster way than going to the bookstores (cheapskate punya olang!) haha

These are the books:

Yes, trilogy i am enjoying my weekend at home, there's no way i have time to read these. i have much time to read when i'm at Gua Musang of i'll keep it until Sunday.huhu

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Hunger Games trilogy....

I am currently hooked with these 3 books:

the first book was made a movie and i watched it before. and now it is on Astro Best and i couldn't help but to subscribe it.huhu and i heard Catching Fire will be on screen too next! i just can't wait....

But the book especially the first one is soooooo exciting+thrilling..currently i am reading the 3rd book Mockingjay...but it will have to delay as i have to mark some papers.huhu

i still remembered how i tease my niece for buying the book. "apa la kakak ni,,beli buku ntah hapa2..." last2 im the one who is getting hooked with this stuff although it took me months to finish the first book.haha

Some photos from the movie THG. I adore Katniss Everdeen so much!!

which one do u like??Peeta or Gale???
Katniss and Gale, her best friend...

the weird make-up and dress-Effie from the Capitol

Katniss, the girl on fire :)

She is good with bows and arrows..

the symbol for condolences when Rue is dead.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

auww weeeeeeeeeee...............!!!

as i stated earlier at the beginning of 2012, i want a Coach handbag...this is the very dream bag that i've bought for Aidilfitri...

hihi raya mood....

i love it!!!

my precious...

although it is just a handbag, i don't care. hehe it is one of my dreams..and i never thought i could own one. yes maybe it is a "small the pieces" for some of u. but as for me, i would never own it until my money is sufficient enough. because i had suffered from having no money at all in my pocket before.

where i get the money from???

i joined since 2 months ago.
 what is it?
 it is a portal where u can advertise your things,,,macam la jugak cuma this is international. what u have to do is to click the ads in it 10times a week. each ads u will get usd8.
so usd8 x 10= usd80 a week. this is equal to RM250++
in one month u will get RM1000++...
and that is for 1 lot. imagine if u subscribe to 3, 4 or 5 lots. then u will never have to use your monthly salary.

u can ask me if u r interested.

 im sure u will get what u want in no time.........:)

ps: my next aim is to pay in full my PTPTN debts...insyaallah...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

syawal 2012...

first day of syawal.....
ok. muka aku nampak sgt mcm fake..hahahaa suka sgt pic ni. masa ni pidi gi duduk atas adik.hmmm i love both of u...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

never ever ever ever....give up!

yup...sabar...sabar...sabar...jgn putus asa...dan Allah akan bagi ganjaran yg tak terduga :)