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Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year 2012...

Welcome 2012..I am Rose, how do you do?? Although we're hardly know each other,, please be nice to me. I want several things for this year:

1. Hoping to be transferred to my home town, am working on it. Allah please help me.
2. Be free from anyone and anything that is bothering me.
3. Live happily with my family especially my beloved mother (I hope she will be getting bigger soon) hehe
4. Setting up new business@working on a project in or out of education field..
5. Free from any debts including PTPTN opssss...hehe
6. $aving and $aving and $$aving and $$ shopping please..
7. Be extra careful with anyone.
8. Be so happy like a blue bird of happiness huhu
9. Visit my best friend in Sabah.
10. Holidaying in London.hahaha just kidding!! OK,,just a Coach Handbag :)

I'm so sorry for not really appreciate you 2011. I almost hate you for being so tough to me. My tears were so cheap when I was with you. You broke everything that I had. However, I don't hate you as it was not totally your fault. I still have my Allah by my side. And my family who will do everything just to make me happy especially my wrinkled, 63-year-old, beloved mother of mine.

I pray to Allah to give me and my family strengths to face 2012..ameen...