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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


7 more days to raya..i have already packed my things last night.too early?just couldn't wait to go back home..miss my parents so much..
especially when something makes me down..
~really need to take a break~

Saturday, September 20, 2008

another Ramadhan story..

Syawal is around the corner..seems quite lonely especially when suddenly my head lingers on the last year's Ramadhan,, with Arwah..we spent several times, maybe every weekend, for breaking the fast together..he's such a sweet man.just ask him to meet me and tadaaa, he's coming..((its hard to find such a nice man now))
-->tears<---..i hate this,,i'm strong..tears will make me weak..,,since Bieb wrote about baju raya in her entry, let me show off mine.haha i always have quite a number of baju raya every year, because i have several kindhearted sisters that will give me one or two or three clothes before this year, after counting it, plus several pieces that are still at my tailor's house, i manage to have about 10 baju raya,,including the colors that i dont really like,,but as it is free, so i just send it to my i have to search for the matching 'tudung' to go with all the baju raya..((waiting for the BONUS)) thihihi
for the 1st day, i have to wear the maroon it is this year's color theme ((i hate it because it doesnt really suit my tanned skin color,,ehemm)),,and maybe the green one during evening..2nd day, the chocolate and orange one..3rd day and onward, i havent decide yet..
Kak Na wants a handbag and a heel for her daughter (bought it at Sogo last week),,i think i want to give a handbag to my mum ((although it will end in his wardrobe then as my other sisters have given her all the stuffs she needs for Raya))-will find it at Sogo tomorrow, a sandal and a shirt for my Abah,,baju raya for Afiq and Alisha,,and a lot of duit raya for my two adikss,nephew, nieces, cousins and Abah's friends' children..
well, thanks to the givernment as they give BONUS this year,,especially when it comes to festive season like this..we really need to use money..who said money is not important???
Mek and Abah at kampung invited the villagers to break the fast at home today..its the family tradition to hold it every year.but this year they dont wait for us,,only Chik ccomes home this weekend.sorry bah, sorry mexx,,jauh sangat..
now i'm at ampang again,,i just cant hold it anymore, Karak is not suitable for me,,ewahh sounds like i was made in London.but i think KB is much more better than the small tiny little town..err,,susah nak cari jodoh as the residents mostly Chinese and Indian and Asli,,Malays boleh bilang dengan jari..;p
next week i'll go home...aloha Kelantan,,,;p

my companion during weekdays...Nor..

on the way to Ampang every weekend..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

doctor fish..

i went to Giant Batu Cave today for an uplifting (or it can be said for wasting my time) while waiting for the evening to come..(its still several more hours to 7.15pm) I'm sure you know why..
the first thing that captured my eyes is...tadaaaa...

it's small fish in a big tank..a.k.a Doctor Fish..

the fish are from Taiwan..and it is known as doctor fish because it can 'eat' all your dead skin cells to reveal your 'new' skin.and of course your feets feel softer and smoother..

i'm quite interested the pamplet says that it can:

1)improve your blood circulation
2)as a relaxation/ therapy
3)improve skin texture
4)soften and smoothen your skin
5)remove dead skin cells

i tried it for 15 minutes=RM10.00

the fish were very naughty, it circled my feets and bite it softly..(ada rasa geli2 gitu) ;p

5 minutes after that, one guy came and put his feets in the water tank.most of my fish went to his feets,,(sah kaki dia lagi power dari kaki aku) hahahahaha (jahat gile..)

15 minutes after that...

yes, its feets are soft and smooth))

reunion+majlis buka puasa..

8 tahun tak jumpa,, macam tak sangka dapat jumpa balik,, i miss u all :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i want...

i want...

1) ice-blended jagung at meranti, UTM-miss it like hell
2) an accompany/ accompanies for breaking the fast
3) an air-conditioned room for me to take a nap after school
4) a new cane, as mine is broken into 2 already
5) a bigger table for my stuff
6) disciplined students or at least listen to my lecture
7) a new place for me to start a new life...bored to death :(

happy fasting to all of you!!!:p (me having a lalalala time)

Monday, September 8, 2008

my good old friends...

my bestie elly called on Saturday, telling there will be a small gathering of x-kt,,break the fast at taman melati, a steamboat restaurant..steamboat???yess, i like..then i'd agree to go.
me and elly were among the latecomers..they were already there.8 years ago was the last time i saw they are all growing up, some are newlyweds, some have just engaged..and the most relieving thing is, most of them are singles!! yes, im not alone..
most of the girls are beautiful, so do the boys..very charming.
they are all are successful now, have their jobs, cars and even families..(Nini brought his 1 year old son)..i cant believe my own eyes..her son is so naughty, i wonder when will i have one..haha
((the worst thing is, my phone was out of battery, so i didnt have any photos of it)) damn..

((photo was taken right before the function))

Saturday, September 6, 2008

jual mahal..

someone says, 'jual mahal sikit dengan lelaki boleh buat diorang lagi gila dengan kita' it so??
maybe,,,tapi jualan yang terlalu mahal boleh membankrapkan...haha

((suka sangat dengan gambar nie,,saja letak))

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Ramadhan...

Ramadhan seems to be cool for me..don't have to rush to the canteen, don't have to think about what to do after the answer for the latter question is TO SLEEP..
then i will cook what my heart wants me to cook..ehem, yang aku tau masak je la..

yesterday invite kawan2 buka kat rumah..hari sebelum tue buka kat rumah Ila..rasa best sangat buka ramai2..

hari nie tak tau kat umah sape lagi..esok kat umah Lisa..
herm,,pagi2 lagi aku dah rasa lemah..huwaaa